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Managed Services:
Clone Guard Managed ServicesThe security of your enterprise shouldn't be your first concern of the day.
With Clone Systems Managed Security services, you won't have to continuously worry. They provide 24/7/365 network security monitoring and management services. Using top-tier products and expert IT personnel, they ensure pre-emptive response and total network protection. Clone Systems is your trusted Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).
Clone Guard Log Retension and Reporting Service
Log Retention and Reporting
Clone Guard Monitoring and Reporting Service
Log Monitoring and Reporting
Clone Guard Managed VPN and Firewall
Managed Firewall and VPN
Clone Guard Managed UTM
Managed UTM

Scanning Services:
Close Guard Scanning ServicesClone Systems’ offers a suite of Security Scanning services.
Strengthen and analyze the security posture of your IT infrastructure prior to an audit by utilizing one of Clone Systems industry leading scanning services. You can initiate Vulnerability, PCI, or Penetration Testing scans, On-demand. The scans are intended to test your organization’s defensive countermeasures and identify exploits as well as threats, before someone else does
Clone Guard PCI Scanning Service
PCI Scanning

Clone Guard Vulnerability Scanning
Vulnerability Scanning

Clone Guard Penatration Testing
On-Demand Penetration Testing
Clone Guard Web App Penatration Testing
Web App Penetration Testing